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Order your wine

To order, fill in your order form, and send it to Chateau Latuc, info@latuc.com

We are currently reorganizing this page.

You can order your wine online and we can deliver to any address in France.

You are also welcome to visit us at the vineyard and taste our wines.

Order form
prices at the door and while stocks last)

Quantity Description Price/bottle Total
  Côtes du Lot White 2021 Sémillon - Chardonnay (75cl, dry) 11.00  




Côtes du Lot Rosé 2020 or 2021 'Rosé d'une Nuit' (75cl, dry) 5.80  




  AOC Cahors Red 2018 (75cl) 7.00 €  
  AOC Cahors Red 2019 (75cl) 7.00 €  
  AOC Cahors Red 2018 Origine (75cl) 9.00 €  
  Côtes du Lot Red 2019 Cabernet Franc (75cl) 12.00  
  Côtes du Lot Red 2020 3 Rubis (75cl) 14.00  
  AOC Cahors Red 2017 Prestige (aged in oak barrels) (75cl) 10.70


  AOC Cahors Red 2018 Prestige (aged in oak barrels) (75cl) 10.70


  AOC Cahors Red 2018 Prestige (aged in oak barrels) (50cl) 7.20


  AOC Cahors Red 2018 Prestige (aged in oak barrels) (150cl) 21.40  
AOC Cahors Red 2018 Premier (aged in oak barrels) (75cl) 15.00
  Côtes du Lot Rosé 2021 'Petit Goût de Paradis' (75cl, sweet) 6.50  
  Côtes du Lot Red 2021 Cabernet Franc - Merlot (75cl, sweet) 11.00  



Please note that these prices do not include transport nor customs duty


Our delivery service uses depots all over France, please contact us to find out the nearest one to you.
Delivery charges to any address in France are 50 € for 1-4 cartons of 6, 55 € for 5-6 cartons of 6.

If your order is 400€ or above, we pay the delivery charges to any address in France.

It makes sense to group orders with friends, colleagues, neighbours etc


Credit card payment

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Please Deliver to your depot in the area of ..........................................................

or to the following address in France:

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