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Chateau Latuc is situated deep in the heart of rural Southwest France near Cahors.

Cahors wines have been favoured by kings and popes throughout history and are very famous for their deep colour, noble structure and ability to age.

Situated high up on the edge of the plateau to the south of the river Lot, the vineyards are grouped round an ancient church, said to have been constructed by the English during the hundred years war. The limestone soils of the south facing slopes are planted with 2 grape varieties, the principal being Malbec for colour and ageing with Merlot for softness and bouquet.

Modern and traditional methods of culture are used on the wines and in the winery. The wine is made, matured and bottled in the cellars at the chateau itself. The aim? To produce soft fruity wines of exceptional quality!

The Meyan family, the new owners of Chateau Latuc, are engaged in the constant pursuit of quality. In its very first year of existence Chateau Latuc won 2 gold medals in major competitions in France. It has been selected by both Guide Hachette and Hugh Johnson .

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